13 December 2019 - Friday

Mind & Body Alignment: A Skillset For Future Discussion and Q&A

Mind & Body Alignment: A Skillset For Future Discussion and Q&A

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A conversation about the implications of a daily mind and body practice.

Moderator: Özkan Zere

Discussion Panel

Çagla Kahrıman; body facilitator 

Sheri Sayar; mind facilitator


Standing at the dawn of the new era in human civilization; it is high time to search for an effective toolbox, a set of skills that assist super-humans in the upcoming decade. The reason behind our quest lies within the nature of our modern lifestyle; a lifestyle with an accelerating pace and increased competition which results in elevated levels of physical and emotional fatigue, disorientation, unmanaged stress, anxiety and more. “Mind and Body Alignment” stands for a set of holistic and multidisciplinary routines of both mind and body. 

What is “Mind and Body Alignment”? Why is it necessary? 

Is it really possible to align the mind with the body? How?

...and many other key points on how oneness and integrity are the two special skills to be cultivated before entering the new decade will be discussed during one hour of interactive interview and discussion moderated by Ozkan Zere. The panel has Sheri and Çağla, the Co-Creators of “Mind and Body Alignment Workshop”, a theme-based two-hours atelier of deep body and breathwork accompanied with the sound and finalized with a guided meditation, designed by the two which is occurring for almost a year now with solid feedbacks from their clients. The facilitators claim that a regular body and mind work can bring the much-needed focus back to our fragmented lives and learning these techniques will assist the participants to eliminate their discomfort and distraction at any time of the day hence such skills are highlighted in the wish list of many of us and could be adopted as lifestyle for those who plan to perform efficiently in the present ass well as future. Sheri and Çağla are invited to share their story, their tips and their secrets of teaching alignment and how effective this work has been for them and for the participants as well their future plans. 

Following the discussion, a Q&A session is planned for the participants to clear doubts and discover answers to the above-mentioned questions.

This is a free event held by the courtesy of the host; Joint Idea. 

Please make sure to book your seats.

Sheri A. Sayar, Sound Therapist, Alpha Facilitator, Author, Mentor
Sound Therapist, Meditation Facilitator, Aromatherapist, Chinese image therapist and Crystal Healer

Sheri A. Sayar (BSc, BA, MA) has been traveling for the past 12 years, exploring Asian culture in the search of transcripts and masters of alternative therapy. She has learned sound healing and trained to facilitate meditation in India, Nepal and China.

When not traveling, Sheri provides one-to-one sound therapy sessions in Istanbul and regularly conducts mind alignment, healing of subconscious and guided sound meditation all over Turkey.

Çağla KahrımanBody Facilitator

Çağla has been mingling at consulting business since 2011 In the course of pursuing a career at Big4, she cultivated passion and dedication towards the practice of knowing thyself which allowed her serve as a mind and body instructor with an interdisciplinary approach.

She is a meditation group facilitator and offers mindfulness based coaching. She also shares the ancient practices of Ayurveda, in other words, the science of living. Understanding the colors of human nature sparkles her spirit.

13 December 2019 Friday 19:30

Joint Idea, Kanyon, Şişli, İstanbul

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