03 May 2018 - Thursday

Digital Transformation and Intrapreneurship. The Roadmap

İstanbul, Şişli
Digital Transformation and Intrapreneurship. The Roadmap

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Digital Transformation and Intrapreneurship
The Roadmap.

Times are changing, so are corporates and the business as we know it. There is surely a lot that corporates and startups can create together and a lot of buzz around these two separate worlds. Dear HR directors, dear Innovation Managers, dear IT Directors, dear Digital Transformation Department heads. You are invited to join first of our event series to have a deep dive into Digital Transformation and Intrapreneurship in Corporates with local and international examples.

Alwiser and Stage-Co have joined forces to create the roadmap for tomorrow’s successful companies, the ones who can successfully transform themselves into agile, digital and smarter businesses. In every meetup, we will have guest speakers, inspiring examples to show us the best practices, we will discuss how corporates can start working with startups, what each party can learn from each other, and how to form corporate startups and what is the correct form of digital transformation for different types of companies…

09:00 Registration & Networking

09:30 Opening (Patrick Bosteels, co-founder Stage-Co/ Erkan Yıldırım, Founder Alwiser)

09:35 Inevitable and Irreversible: Digital Transformation (By Erkan Yıldırım)

10:00 The Mind-shift Change, No Way Back (by Patrick Bosteels)

10:25 – Coffee break

10:45 – Panel: Whirlpool of Disruption

– Seval Üçler, Mobile Solutions & Digital Services Director, Samsung
– Demet Gürsal, HR Director BNP Paribas Leasing

– Ozan Oruç, Head of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Koç Sistem

– Günseli Gökalp, IT Director, Çalık Holding

11:30 – Networking

12:00 – Unconference on Corporate Startups

Unconference will continue upon flexibility of the attendees.

* Please contact us if you want to be a speaker, or represent your company in the upcoming events. Follow us at by registering to our newsletter at www.stage-co.com



03 May 2018 Thursday 09:00

03 May 2018 Thursday 12:30

Yemeksepeti Park, dede korkut sokak, Şişli, İstanbul

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