28 September 2017 - Thursday

DevOpsDays Istanbul 2017

DevOpsDays Istanbul 2017

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DevOpsDays is a technical conference, aimed at developers, sysadmins and anyone else involved in technology, whether expert or beginner. The person behind the idea of DevOps is Patrick Debois, who came up with this method of improving the code and cooperation.

The term "DevOps" was popularized thanks to a series of "DevOpsDays" conferences. The first edition of this Conference was held in Belgium in 2009. Since then, DevOpsDays conferences have spread across the globe. All conferences run on a similar formula and are divided into three elements:

  • Presentations - Anyone can submit a presentation via the Call for Papers. DevopsDays Program Council will choose the best presentations among these submissions, which will appear in the agenda of the conference.
  • Ignites - The ignite talks are a valuable portion of knowledge, lasting for 5 minutes. Slides change automatically every 15 seconds. Every slide focuses on the specific topic from the DevOps field and gives a condensed overview.
  • Openspace - The openspace format is a very interesting, simple and succeed one. A moment before the openspace starts, all attendees vote on what topic is the most wanted and the most interesting. After this participants can create discussion groups on topics most important to them.

28 September 2017 Thursday 09:00

29 September 2017 Friday 18:00

Dedeman Bostancı İstanbul Hotel & Convention Center, Değirmenyolu Cad. No:39/B Bostancı, Ataşehir, İstanbul

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