24 June 2015 - Wednesday


İstanbul, Kağıthane

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Girişim Fabrikası "Girişimci Buluşmaları"nın bu ayki konukları, bitcoin ve blockchain alanında faaliyet gösteren startuplar için global bir hızlandırma programı olan Seedcoin'in co-founder'ı Eddy Travia ve Neuroware şirketinin CEO'su Adam Giles. Eddy ve Adam bitcoin ve blockchain hakkında merak edilen konuları, bu sistemin nasıl çalıştığını, katılımcıların kendi projelerini nasıl hayata geçireceklerine dair ipucu bilgleri aktaracakları keyifli bir sohbet gerçekleştirecekler. Etkinlik tüm girişimcilere açık, katılımcı olmak için bu konuda tecrübe sahibi olmanız gerekmiyor. 

Tarih: 24 Haziran 2015, Çarşamba

Saat:17:30 - 20:30

Yer: Girişim Fabrikası

Etkinliğin dili İngilizce olup, katılım bedeli 20 TL'dir. 

About Content: 

Seedcoin's Co-founder Eddy Travia & Neuroware's CEO, Adam Giles will explain to attendees the ideas behind the blockchain: from it's concept and creation, to how it works, to how they can get started building their own projects and ideas. 

No previous experience of blockchain technology is required and everything is explained in the session. This subject matter for this course includes:

Module 1 – Introduction & Background to Blockchains

  • The concept of the world-wide ledger
  • Distributed systems
  • Technologies used within blockchains 

Module 2 – Blockchains 101

  • How the blockchain works
  • What’s in a block
  • How the blocks fit together
  • How we track/monitor and measure them

Module 3 - Introduction to Blockstrap

In addition to an introductory blockchains course, we also teach a quick overview on how to now get started building an application using Blockstrap.

This quick-course gives tips and advice on how to get started using:

Blockstrap API - retrieving blockchain blocks & transactions and monitoring addresses

Blockstrap Framework - how to utilize themes, plugins, and widgets for the blockchains

Our Example Applications - an overview of our open source starting points

About Eddy Travia: He is the co-founder of Seedcoin, a global Bitcoin startup virtual incubator helping Bitcoin and block chain startups around the world in their development since July 2013. Eddy has been living in China and Hong Kong for the past ten years where he has managed private equity investment funds focusing on Greater China. A firm believer in the future of digital currencies and block chain technology, Eddy is now focused on funding and helping entrepreneurs through his role at Coinsilium, Seedcoin and as the co-founder of Block Chain Space, a Blockchain technology startup accelerator.




About Adam Giles: He is the CEO of Neuroware and has managed technical teams of over 100 staff when overseeing and implementing internet & mobile banking for Standard Chartered bank APAC. Adam built the API and infrastructure behind Blockstrap.com and has given talks and workshops on blockchain technology in the USA, UK, and Singapore.

24 June 2015 Wednesday 17:30

24 June 2015 Wednesday 21:00

Girişim Fabrikası, Sanayi Mah. Eski Büyükdere Cad. Tacirler İş Merkezi No:61 Kat:2 Kağıthane İstanbul., İstanbul, Türkiye, Kağıthane, İstanbul

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