13 September 2018 - Thursday

IODA OD World Conference 2018 - IODA Türkiye Uluslararası Organizasyonel Gelişim Zirvesi

İstanbul, Şişli
IODA OD World Conference 2018 - IODA Türkiye Uluslararası Organizasyonel Gelişim Zirvesi

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Meet the OD World in Turkey

Türkiye'nin ilk uluslararası organizasyonel gelişim zirvesi, 13-16 Eylül'de İSTANBUL'da


The 2018| IODA Annual World Conference will connect communities 

to act and flourish together.


By bringing the world of OD together in Turkey, we look forward to a truly global experience that will inspire all of us,

create new opportunities, strengthen our Network and brain storm together with OD professionals from all around the world

in finding and creating balance both in our personal and professional lives...

Staying balanced in a world full of chaos is not easy.

Between keeping up with our to-do lists,

staying informed about the world news and taking care of our responsibilities, 

our lifes and our organizations, there is a need of new set of skills to adjust the 

demands of now and future! 

Now; it is almost in every professionals' mind, to find; 

... balance between stability & change

... management & leadership

... technology & human

... future and the past

... needs & requirements

... balance as a whole system

More over, our main theme will include the journey of relationship between the individual and organization. What have we experienced so far? What will the future bring? And most importantly, how will the “balance” be shaped during this transition? 

As HR and Organizational Development professionals, how we can 

re- design our lifes and organizations in this changing life?

How we can support our organizations in dealing with imbalances? 

How can we put balanced organization design into practice? 

BİLGİ: 1 EYLÜL itibariyle kayıt iptalleri söz konusu olmayacaktır.

NO Cancellation starting from September 1 

13 September 2018 Thursday 09:00

15 September 2018 Saturday 16:00

Radisson Blu Hotel, İstanbul Şişli, Radisson Blu Şişli, Şişli, İstanbul

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