14 Eylül 2023 - Perşembe


Antalya, Alanya

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Welcome to Ahoora Festival 2023 - Reunion

(14th - 18th September) South Of Turkey.

After making a few successful collaborations with the Turkish Psychedelic community during the past years, it´s time for Ahoora crew to return back to Turkey.

Get ready for 4 nights Psychedelic blast at an amazing location, on crystal clear Mediterranean Sea (Beach Festival)

Huge decoration & 3D stage designed

Outstanding Visuals & lighting

Crystal Clear Sound system

& much more

Another epic dance floor is being set by the Persian Global Community, building the foundations of unity for the family to join together. This time, Ahoora crew invites you to a top location by the magnificent Mediterranean Sea to share a taste of Goa with a massive lineup.

We are gathering on a secret private beach located in the south of Turkey. This spot is only 10 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the centre, allowing easy access to any kind of accommodation.

Ahoora Festival in Turkey 

As an extension of Goa's party culture, there will be a variety of activities such as live music, fire performance, flea market, etc... Ahoora crew always strives to gather the most talented Persian artists from around the world under one roof for an unforgettable event, that’s why this is a one-of-a-kind event which you CANNOT miss out!! 

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Dark whisper Will o wisp Highko Eat Static ATRIOHM Zik Paul karma Ataro Highwhisper Nirmal Gizmo Val Vashar Manvantra Shov Oxomo Arishtat SkyVibes

14 Eylül 2023 Perşembe 17:00

18 Eylül 2023 Pazartesi 17:55

Ahoora beach, Antalya Alanya Demirtaş Yesiloz Aydap, Alanya, Antalya

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Ahoora festival

Ahoora festival is based in Goa and mainly focusing on the electronic music including art and dance performances around the global , this year we brought our sound to the south of Turkey.