08 Ocak 2023 - Pazar

Kadıköy English Standup Comedy Night

Kadıköy English Standup Comedy Night

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English standup comedy night in Kadikoy! Istanbul-based comedy group Standup Turkey will perform at Dunia Kadikoy on January 8th! International comedians will perform 2023's first group show on Sunday, 8PM.


Jan Scott Forman


Şirin Ceren Forman

MC: Hassan O.J.

* The event will be entirely in English and is intended for mature audiences.

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Hassan O.J. Jan Scott Forman Şirin Ceren Forman Ozzy Standup Turkey

08 Ocak 2023 Pazar 20:00

08 Ocak 2023 Pazar 22:00

Dunia, Kadife Sok. No: 19/2 Kadıköy, Kadıköy, İstanbul

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Standup Turkey
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