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Goddess Awakening: retreat for women

Goddess Awakening: retreat for women

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How does it feel when you choose yourself first all the time? When you think about your needs first today, tomorrow, always. How does it feel not to feel guilty and not to scarify your own interests to fill in the cup of other people – your partner, children, parents, friends?

During our 3 days workshop, we will be leading you through the practices and exercises to help you awaken your Inner Goddess. To love and treat yourself as the Goddes you are.

We are gathering in the amazing Olympos where the energy of the mountain, the sea, and the ancient ruins combines into the magical vortex in which we will co-create with you.

Each day would be dedicated to one topic:

  1. Self-love
  2. Forgiveness and Letting go
  3. Stepping into your Raw Feminine power

International couches from the USA, Canada, Ukraine, and India will be teaching various techniques that help us, women, to come back to our True center – which is Joy, Creativity, Receptivity, and Love:

  • Tibetan gymnastics to harmonize hormonal levels.
  • Qoya dance class - Truth in Your Body.
  • 6 phases Meditation to raise your vibration and activate Abundance.
  • The Chinese Qi Gong practice to increase energy levels and lifeforce.
  • An Ecstatic dance to reduce stress and reunite with the ancient female essence.
  • Powerful affirmations and meditations to increase self-confidence and attract the desired events in your life.
  • The practice of forgiving and cutting cords with past relationships and events. Trauma release ceremony.
  • Womb activation and cleaning the energy of past lovers.
  • Fundamentals of tantra and energetical lovemaking, applying practices of ancient sexuality in modern life.
  • Daily workshops:

«How to forgive ourselves and others. How to let go of past traumas and start your life from the blank page»

«How to stop being a victim and create the reality of your dreams»

«Gateway to Freedom: Meet your True self (2 sessions)»

«How to open a portal of Bliss for the powerful manifestation»


What’s included in the package:

-          3 days of workshops, practices, and rituals

-          Accommodation (single or double room)

-          Breakfast and dinner


Your support team:

Amira is an Energy Healer & Wellbeing coach. She is an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and plant medicine practitioner.

In her work, she invites you to embrace the full spectrum of being a soul having a human experience from sexuality to pure spirituality. Her approach is highly practical and mystical in equal parts. Her sole purpose is wellbeing on every level. Her joy emanates from sharing skills and knowledge that she accumulated throughout the years on how to stay strong and equanimous in the eye of the storm. She draws from the teachings of Sexual Kung-fu (Taoism), Advaita Vedanta, Ayurveda, Reiki, and teaches Pink Tantra.


Marina of the Sea is an Earth-based Shamanic Priestess, certified Qoya movement practice facilitator, rosary circle holder and rosary artist, pleasure activist, guide, educator, and space holder for transformation. She is the Compassionate Compass allowing people to navigate authenticity within themselves. Through practices of stillness, meditation, movement, dance, journaling, prayer, and oracle cards she guides you inward so you can listen to your Inner Divine Self. She holds sacred space for people to meet their Higher Self and be guided by their own True North. Embodied Presence is key to experiencing life to the fullest, so Marina shares her tools that she had received from various lineages in her training.


Tania is a women empowerment coach whose main mission is to help women who are serving everyone else around them (husbands, children, parents, colleagues) except themselves, to find a way back to their feminine center and start filling in their own cup. She helps women to reignite their feminine power and live life in pleasure and bliss. Tania is a facilitator of the feminine rituals and retreats around Self-love, Forgiveness of ourselves and others, Trauma and stagnant energizes release, Finding our true passion and mission, Using Sacred sexuality and Creative energy to build the life we want.

Debarati is an Entrepreneur, known for her healing cosmetic products, a professional Tarot Healer, a certified Lavender Flame Energy Healer and also a certified Magnified Healer. Debarati started her spiritual journey through life lessons at a very young age and eventually got into her spiritual practices. It has been 13 years and she has helped hundreds of people with her healing write ups, healing products and consultation through Tarot. She helps people in cutting the karmic cords through Forgiveness and Releasing practices, while teaching the techniques of surrendering, letting go and moving forward in life.

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