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Divine Masculine

Divine Masculine

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Igniting your Raw self


The Divine Masculine program is designed to empower and motivate men who find themselves unable to reach their dreams and fulfill their desires. The program is designed for men of all ages and all walks of life.


The program takes you on a 3-day transformation journey after which you will be equipped with systems and tools that will lead to a better quality of life, constant motivation for self-growth and development and the ability to survive in mental or physical threatening situations.


Day by day, as you progress through the program, you’ll experience rapid breakthroughs in every aspect of your physical, mental, and spiritual life.


The Program


The Divine Masculine program is 3 days retreat with international transformation coaches. The setting of this program is ideal for men as it would nourish the masculine power and allow men to connect with their inner rawness (the animal inside you), and safely exchange energies between each other and offer support to each other.


What you would discover in the program can be applied instantly both in your business and in your life as divine masculine energy. And once you complete it, you’ll emerge with skills and techniques that you’ll use throughout your life journey to achieve and accelerate all your goals; professional and personal.


Day 1: Survival Skills


During the first day, the focus will be on developing that skill set and mind-set that will allow your inner masculine energy to reflect your leadership abilities, your creative ideas, and your humanity in the way that the universe intended for you.


Highlights include:


-       Hiking in nature

-       Building a shelter from debris.

-       Building a fire.

-       Finding food and water.

-       Filtering and purifying water.

-       Learning essential knots.

-       Learning how to navigate.

-       Signaling for help.


Day 2: Create your wellness vision plan


The focus of the second day is to help you gain a clearer perspective of who you are and what role do you want to have in life. Your will create your own personalized wellness plan; adapted to your universal and personal goals, that will guide you step-by-step towards realizing your wellness vision.


Highlights include:


-       How to build your happiness.

-       Wheel of life; self-assessment tool.

-       How to look out of the box.

-       Breathing techniques.

-       Fire wash ceremony.

-       Self-analysis.


Day 3: Exploring your body


In day three, you will dive into ancient and modern practices where you will gain a deep understanding of your body needs, and how to use your life force energy to survive.


Highlights include:


-       Qi Gong

-       First Aid & medic

-       Basic self-defense techniques


Your Instructors


Your instructors during the Divine Masculine program are Ahmed, Ali, and Karim.


Ahmed "Alen" Kadhim


Entrepreneur and Founder of Sacredstree organization. Alen's gifts include: personal and relationship coaching, as well as creating retreat programs on business, wellness, relationships, and creativity.


Ahmed works with people to help them recover from depression, chronic disease, attachment, or addiction, get rid of long-term health conditions, and live a happy fulfilled life free of suffering and dependency.



Ali Kareem


Co-founder of Sacredstree organization, and Tester in Charge at Northstar Drillstem Testers (Oilfield Industry)


But Ali’s gift is not just the oil field – it is also leading coaching and healing programs on breathing techniques and nutrition.


Karim Abu Shakra


Karim is the survival and hiking coach at Sacredsree whose background spans decades in business strategy, organizational development, martial arts, fitness and nutrition.



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