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Your voice awakening

Your voice awakening

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Your voice awakening

Vocal workshop with the Opera singer from Vıenna

Have you ever dreamt about being confident in singing? To take the microphone at the family party, a wedding, or karaoke and not be afraid of showing up?

Most of us have been taught that to sıng we need to have a 'special talent' whıch is completely not true. 

To sing in a nice and pleasant way we just need to know the basics of how our body works (the voice) and what are the main practices of sound creation. 

The one-hour singing workshop will help you to understand the important basics of professional singing performance and show up with your voice in full power.


What we will learn:

-       The physiological structure and the basic principles of sound creation.

-       Lower abdomen breathing as a baseline for the strong voice.

-       Breathing exercises to develop the power of voice.

-       Practical musical exercises to open your voice and extend the vocal range.


Your trainer – Tania Frankiv, a professional opera singer with teaching experience all over the world, a Gran-Prix and first prises winner of international singing competitions and a student of Vienna Conservatory (MDW).

If you have questions or need additional information contact us here:

Email: tanya.lushchuk@gmail.com

Phone: 053 155 70 509

Instagram: tania.frankiv

08 Eylül 2022 Perşembe 19:30

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Porto Bello Hotel, Akdeniz Bulvarı 6. Sok. Konyaaltı, Konyaaltı, Antalya

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