15 Nisan 2022 - Cuma

Deniz B. Turan's new one-man show premieres at Tabu!

İstanbul, Kadıköy
Deniz B. Turan's new one-man show premieres at Tabu!

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In celebration of Deniz's sixth year of standup comedy across the globe, the nomadic comedian has put together an hour of pure chaos at the #1 underground comedy venue in Istanbul after his rise to popularity in Istanbul's English comedy scene -

Most of it magically troublesome and some of it aging like fine wine, Deniz's first hour has been heard by entertainers across the world - some famous, some dead, and some on the way to either - and now it's Your turn to hear it before it's out!

Presented by Murat Gençoğlu, a comedian of ten years who has been rocking the dimly lit comedy venues of London and Istanbul with his colorful joke bouquet of diverse topics,

come witness Deniz's raw draft of mostly what will be filmed to become his very first comedy special in the same venue in two weeks:)


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Deniz B. Turan Istanbul Comedy Cult Murat Gençoğlu

15 Nisan 2022 Cuma 20:00

15 Nisan 2022 Cuma 22:00

Tabu Mekan, 26-28 Halitağa Caddesi, Şadırvan Apt, 1.Kat Daire 2, Kadıköy, İstanbul

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Istanbul Comedy Cult
Istanbul Comedy Cult

Led by International standup comedians of Turkish origin, and loved and talked about far and wide by expats, tourists, exchange students (and the cooler Turks) who have had memorable amounts of fun, the Istanbul Comedy Cult organizes English standup comedy events in Turkey.