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Tips For Choosing Fabrics Online

Tips For Choosing Fabrics Online

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About Course:

You decide about the style but do you need help for choosing the fabric? This online course on Zoom is perfect for you!

Choosing fabric is important as much as style details and pattern while producing a garment. When the right fabric is chosen, it will be helping the garment to be a best-seller.

Accordingly during this course;

- Fibers and their characteristics,

- Style / fabric matching,

- Fabric purchasing sources and exhibitions,

- Tips for purchasing the fabrics

- Intro to sustainability will be mentioned.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be aware of the key points about the fabric selection.

All participants interested in fashion and textile are welcome. There is no need for any prior knowledge about this topic. Online participation document is given after the course. Necessary technical info is going to be emailed one day before the course.

About Lecturer Sibel Ege:
She graduated from Istanbul Technical University Textile Engineering on 2003. She worked at several global and local companies such as Gap, VSP and managed the merchandising, purchasing, sourcing operations for fabric, textile production, leather production, accessory collections. After getting MBA Turquality Manager Development education in Koc University between 2008 – 2009, she set up her own company, Ren Sourcing in 2010. She cooperates with fabric producers from Europe and Far East to supply for famous Turkish brands and designers. She also supports some European brands for production in Turkey. She studied Fashion Buying & Merchandising at UAL London College of Fashion in 2017. Sharing experiences and knowledge with those who are interested in textile and fashion world has always been one of her goals. She started to teach at Faruk Sarac Vocational High School about the fabrics and textiles in 2015. She has been cooperating with Vakko Esmod since 2016 for diploma, certificate and corporate training programs, both in Turkish and English. In 2017, she started to teach in IFA Paris, a French fashion and luxury school for courses on "Sourcing and Supply Chain Issues" and "Materials, Production and Quality" in the MBA Fashion Business program and they continue to collobarate. She organizes independent workshops and courses under Ren Sourcing roof. She offers one to one fashion and textile training contents according to the demands. She provides consultancy services to textile companies about branding, market & fair research, fabrics, collection planning, production.

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