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Chamber of Beautiful Business I Istanbul

Chamber of Beautiful Business I Istanbul

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Joint Idea is delighted to be a long time collaborator and resident of the House of Beautiful Business, a global community focused on humanizing business in the age of machines. Now in its 3rd year as a pop-up counterpoint to Web Summit, the House carefully creates a positive vision of technology and humanity in a playful and intimate setting. Founded by the Business Romantic Society, the House - and the smaller individual Chambers of Beautiful Business being held by House residents around the world - develop frameworks, rituals, and practices for more beautiful ways of doing business with untethered imagination, open minds and hearts.

Istanbul Chamber of Beautiful Business

The Bridge To Our Exponential Humanity

What if business was more beautiful, more human, and even a source of good in the world?

Istanbul is a unique bridge between the East and the West, constantly swirling between the timeless and the untested, ready or not. The energies of Yin and Yang, and the living spirit of empires and religions are vibrantly displayed in countless layers of the duality we live out as a daily reality.

It is the city to explore and celebrate our deeper and more complete selves – to witness and transcend the conditioned mindset and patterns that shape our present reality and find clues leading to our full, often untapped, potential.

Together with a tribe of global game changers, we will be exploring the bridge to our exponential humanity, to help co-create a better future for all.

If this sounds like you, come join us.



12:00 Garden party

A warm welcome gathering on the terrace. Music. Food. Drinks. Other surprises.

13:00 Welcome 
with Markus Lehto & Eda Çarmıklı

13:20 Session One
Ethical intimacy in the age of automation, augmentation, and avatars with Rachel Sibley & John Meyer

14:00 Session Two
Imagining a world beyond politics and big business. How can we build and nurture regenerative communities capable of upgrading society for all? With Ida Faldbakken & Ray Boyle & Mustafa Osman Turan & Ceren Çerçiler

14:45 Dance performance 

15:00 Session Three
Exploring the dynamics of a decentralized society. Is blockchain strong enough to frame the system? With Berk Kocaman & Shermin Voshmgir & John Meyer & Canay Atalay

15:50 Session Four
A story of perseverance and resilience in the Beautiful Game. With Emre Utkucan and Ebru Köksal

16:20 Session Five
The spiritual nature of organizations with Christopher Neville

17:00 Closing Session
Where words fail, music speaks: Restoring connection to self and community through music.
The Music Medicine - Dimitrios & Band 

More questions on the Chambers of Beautiful Business?

Please send us a mail at info@jointidea.com or contact us at +90 535 012 4910


About the Chambers of Beautiful Business

A series of daytime and evening gatherings in select cities all around the globe, the Chambers are part of the House of Beautiful Business, a global think tank and community founded to explore the human future of work. At its annual gathering in Lisbon, the House brings together a select group of 300 business and nonprofit leaders, founders, technologists, investors, designers, artists, and scientists to explore how to make business more beautiful, specifically how to lead with purpose and passion, build human companies and workplaces, and design for deeper connections in an age of machines. If you’re interested in participating in the House of Beautiful Business, request an invitation here.

Dedicated to amplifying its mission throughout local communities, the series of Chambers are co-hosted by House Residents. Find out more about upcoming editions in Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Cape Town, Detroit, Hamburg, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, New York City, and Warsaw.

Produced by The Business Romantic Society



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" 

-Margaret Meade 

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