22 Temmuz 2023 - Cumartesi

Dan Spinks & Taha Ercoskun - English Stand-up Comedy Show

İstanbul, Kadıköy
Dan Spinks & Taha Ercoskun - English Stand-up Comedy Show

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Dan Spinks & Taha Ercoskun - English Stand-up Comedy Show

July 22nd, Saturday 20:00, Dunia Kadıköy

Dan Spinks started doing stand up in the UK. After arriving in Turkey in 2017, Dan started doing English open mics and now gigs regularly in Istanbul. Expect a unique blend of wordplay (including bilingual puns), some observations and perhaps some confusion, but (almost) guaranteed laughs.

Taha Ercoskun, a Turkish comic, has been performing in 3 languages (and counting), has been touring with 2 solo shows, focusing on topics like religion, politics, and religious politics. His slow but steady pace and deadpan delivery result in must-see comedy.

So join Dan & Taha in a duo show of 2 talented and experienced comics, on July 22nd, Saturday 8PM at Dunia Kadıköy stage.

* The show is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18.

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Dan Spinks Taha Ercoşkun Standup Turkey

22 Temmuz 2023 Cumartesi 20:00

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Dunia, Kadife Sok. No: 19/2 Kadıköy, Kadıköy, İstanbul

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