08 Temmuz 2023 - Cumartesi

“Trauma Bonding” - English Stand-up Comedy Show

İstanbul, Kadıköy
“Trauma Bonding” - English Stand-up Comedy Show

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“Trauma Bonding” - English Stand-up Comedy Show

July 8th, Saturday 20:00, Dunia Kadıköy

Ali Jo is an Iraqi comedian and DJ living in Istanbul who’s been a die-hard fan of comedy since his childhood and will defend it until his last breath. His style of dark storytelling and joke writing is drawn from his personal experiences and his often-skewed perspective on reality.

Fatih Bayrakçıl, a.k.a. Misfit Chameleon, is an English speaking comedian from the exotic town of Sivas, who thought he had an alright childhood until looking back on it to find jokes. He never quite fits in but is under the false impression that he disguises it well.

So join “Trauma Bonding”, a duo show by two talented and experienced comics, on July 8th, Saturday 8PM at Dunia Kadıköy stage. 

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Ali Jo Misfit Chameleon Fatih Bayrakçıl Standup Turkey

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Dunia, Kadife Sok. No: 19/2 Kadıköy, Kadıköy, İstanbul

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Sahne+ Organizasyon

Founded in 2022, Sahne+ is an inclusive platform for stage events in Turkey.. We organize Turkish, English and Russian standup comedy and theatre shows.