06 Kasım 2022 - Pazar

Erin Crouch & Rabiah Coon - English Standup Comedy Show

Erin Crouch & Rabiah Coon - English Standup Comedy Show

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English standup comedy show in Taksim! Erin Crouch and Rabiah Coon will perform a duo show at Arsen Lüpen Taksim on November 6th, Sunday 8:30PM!

Rabiah Coon is an accident-prone American who spends her spare time thinking and writing about her shortcomings, overcomings and misbecomings. In “Nice Try,” her solo show, the storyteller and comic shares her [possibly unreliable] narrative on close encounters with death (she can be a little dramatic), living with a chronic illness and reckoning with a surname.

Erin Crouch is a US comedian based in Kaiserslautern, Germany. She produces a monthly comedy show on the US military base in southern Germany and performs across the EU. She was selected for the Utrecht International Comedy Festival 2022 and the Boom Chicago Comedy Festival in Amsterdam in 2021 and 2022 and performed her one-hour show "Gone Girls: Alaskans in Exile" with her fellow Alaskan comedian in the UK and Belgium in 2021.

* The event will be entirely in English and is intended for mature audiences.

Arsen Lupen is located at Şehit Muhtar, Mis Sk. No:15/4, Beyoğlu. (It is the top two floors of the building, located above a restaurant called 'Address')

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Arsen Lüpen, Mis Sok. No:15 Kat:4, Beyoğlu, İstanbul

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