28 Ekim 2016 - Cuma

Runaway w/ Daniel Bortz

İstanbul, Beyoğlu
Runaway w/ Daniel Bortz

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Runaway w/ Daniel Bortz @indigo
Nighttime is a runaway, running away from the preoccupations and the endless obligations of the daytime.
Night is free and ever young.
Night is seductive....
And inclusive.

And as the night falls, all our favorite sounds come to play.

On October 28, it is Daniel Bortz from Permanent Vacation.

Running away from everyday sounds,
Running away from the mundane,
Join the break at indigo.

Night is calling you.
Do your part.

Daniel Bortz:

Straight from Bavaria when it was techno’s halcyon days down there, Daniel Bortz both witnessed and contributed to some of the best times of the minimal tech house / techno sound that he since mastered himself.
Yet he didn’t just stopped there.

Bortz’s inappeasable desire toward offering the so-far-undone and his appetite for new, uncharted territories in music provided him a unique taste in music which serves him well in DJing, as well as in producing.

He’s good at techno, he’s good at bass, he’s good at hip hop, just as he’s good at new wave and disco; but above all, he’s good at raking all these together like they’ve all belonged in the same dancefloor that he invites you to dance.

Own that floor and and take a break at indigo on October 28.

28 Ekim 2016 Cuma 23:30

29 Ekim 2016 Cumartesi 05:30

indigo, Akarsu Sok. No: 1-2-4-5, Beyoğlu, İstanbul

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Running Away from daytime's mundane to the night's freedom with our favorite sounds