08 Haziran 2015 - Pazartesi

Startup Ladies Tell Their Stories

İstanbul, Şişli
Startup Ladies Tell Their Stories

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Women entrepreneurs tell their stories

on Stage-Co

Once again we meet for Startup Ladies' stories.

During this meetup we will hear more interesting stories of women in the startup scene; how they decided to take this action, what was their motive, is startup life a rose garden - or not?

We aim to meet each other, share ideas & stories, create more sisterhood in the startup scene in Turkey and put a little spice to the ecosystem :) Let's discover and bring out the power in us and realize dreams. 

Come, join us and be inspired! 


- Neşen Yücel & Patrick Bosteels intro  (www.stage-co.com )

- Mine Dedekoca  Founder of www.davetpostasi.com

- Firuze Gökçe Founder of www.superarama.com

- Hülya Çeltekoğlu Founder of www.caramel-istanbul.com

- Burcu Avcı, Müge Sené, founders of www.co-made.co

Presentations are in English.

We thank our sponsor Arzum Okka for their support.       

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08 Haziran 2015 Pazartesi 18:30

08 Haziran 2015 Pazartesi 21:00

Koç Üniversitesi Kuluçka Merkezi, Golden Plaza, Şişli, İstanbul

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