30 Aralık 2022 - Cuma



Etkinlik Detayları

Istanbul's biggest New Year's Eve party!

The details of this event, which will last 2 nights and 3 days, are as follows.

Whether you come with your tent, rent a tent, or log in and out daily!

As Kampway, we are here with an event that befits you, our dear friends, in the new year.
We will be with you at @villageparksparesort on 30-31 December / 01 January with amazing stage shows and music.
Don't miss this unforgettable fun!
Details of Our Event

Friday, December 30
* DJ Erdem Kinay
* DJ Enes Komurcu
* DJ Atakan Arıcı

Saturday, December 31
* DJ Hakan Akkus
* DJ Caglar Hikmet
* DJ Vector
And all day long
* Chill Out
* Oriental Show
* Zumba
* Yoga
* Fun painting workshops
* Bachata Workshop
* Dance Performances
* Gift Bingo
* Beer Pong
* slackline
* After Party


• Electricity will be provided for female and male toilet use, water use and telephones in the area.

• The venue has a large area.

• You can bring your food and drinks and cook in the area.

• Telephone reception in the area.

• Tent rental is available.

• Our area will be closed for three special days. You can come whenever you want. The same fee is charged by the venue on Friday and Sunday at the entrance, and no additional fee will be charged.

• Our event will take place in all weather conditions.

You can reach the area by walking in 3 minutes by getting off in front of Ishaklı Stop by using 137 / 138B / 9H / 138 / 139S IETT vehicles.

Starting date
Friday, December 30, 2022 10:00

End Date
01 January 2023 Sunday 15:00

Village Park Resort & Spa, Bozhane Yolu İsaklı Mahallesi No 3/5, Beykoz, Istanbul

30 Aralık 2022 Cuma 10:00

31 Aralık 2022 Cumartesi 23:55

Village Park Resort & Spa, Bozhane Yolu İshaklı Mahallesi No 3/5, Beykoz, İstanbul

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