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SPARK, Ignite Your Spark Within To Change The World

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SPARK, Ignite Your Spark  Within To Change The World

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Besides the series of successful personal transformation events such as Resilience, Be Transformed hosted by Antalya Beach Speakers in 2021. ''Spark' ' was born from a profound burning desire to empower and enable each and every attendee to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Very often we hear the new report on the tremendous amount of atrocities happening around the world from human trafficking, territorial conquests to wars, and women and children abuse, the world is slowly becoming a place of severe unrest and maximum anxiety. Young populations are now depressed more than ever at an alarming rate. But the truth is the world is at is right now because of us and it can only be restored by us.

In order to tackle such endeavors, some ought to find their spark again and others ought to ignite their spark to gather the knowledge, wisdom, strategies, and inner strength necessary to sow and grow the seeds of change we all want to see in this world.

The ''Spark'' event aims to showcase speakers well versed in crucial areas of life such as life purpose, career, finance, entrepreneurship, Relationship, Science, and Spirituality.

What these speakers will present will be speeches that inspire new perspectives, incite concrete and massive action-taking, plant new belief systems, and ignite personal transformation.

Check out the line-up of Speakers:

Marina Logan 

Marina of the Sea is an Earth-based Shamanic Priestess, certified Qoya movement practice facilitator, rosary circle holder and rosary artist, pleasure activist, guide, educator and space holder for transformation. She is the Compassionate Compass allowing people to navigate authenticity within themselves. Through practices of stillness, meditation, movement, dance, journaling, prayer, and oracle cards she guides you inward so you can listen to your Inner Divine Self. She holds sacred space for people to meet their Higher Self and be guided by their own True North. Embodied Presence is key to experiencing life to the fullest, so Marina shares the tools that she had received from various lineages in her training.

Marina's Speech DescriptionThe Age of Gurus is Over

When someone tells you they know the Truth, run the other way. While it gives us a false sense of security to be following guides, teachers, coaches, and leaders, there comes a time when we get disillusioned. Every. Single. Time. If a teacher becomes popular, they eventually become the leader of a cult. The leader and their followers. Hierarchy of the exclusive inner circle, those who are more equal than others. Us against them. What if there is a different path? The Circle Way? Rules without rulers? Where there are no levels of mastery, only co-commitments? First and foremost to your own Soul Self. Who is a sovereign Being yet interconnected to the web of all life.


Anna Bobyleva: Luck Vs Opportunity

Anna Bobyleva got her Master's Degree in teaching at the age of 20. Worked in a Russian school for five years and decided to have her life changed. She sent her CV to over 50 countries and decided to go to the one, which invites her first. This action brought her to China for five years. Since then he attended school lessons and taught in 25 countries. In 2020 she left China for a two-week vacation and never came back. She will share with you the secret of positive life during times of global change.

Anna's speech description

I will discuss my most hate phrase; "You are lucky!" We often hear time and time again, about how lucky we are to have been at an event, or to meet someone or of a massive deal to just fall into our lap. I will show how opportunity is what was should be seeking, not luck.


Anthony Dib

Anthony the Priceless, Owner of 2 Agencies "The Leading Wolf" (Digital Agency) and "VIP KC" (Entertainment & Events Agency), Certified Life Coach, Web Developer, Translator, Business Analyst & Adviser, Marketing Campaign Manager, and Certified Teacher of 3 Languages. A Certified Scuba Diving Instructor, Para glider, Cyclist, Singer, and Retired Officer after 18 Years of Military Service in The Lebanese Army with the post of Foreign Affairs Coordinator, Investigator, Translator, and Teacher. A proud Father and Family oriented, been living a relaxed life in Antalya for 5 years. A Broad-minded extrovert, tolerant, kind, good listener, caring who uses humor, compassion, and direct nature, gives a big value for respect & honesty meanwhile trying to enjoy life as much as possible, and has a passion for dancing, singing, traveling, and socializing. A modulator and neutralizer of Energy Anthony crafted the wisdom that any negative or positive influence is just a potential to develop, create and reshape as we are the masters of our minds, heart, and soul.

Anthony's speech: The Value of Time

The Value of Time and how to appreciate every second from the moment we open our eyes till the moment we surrender to Death. Even God ask us every day not for money or anything but to give a little of the most precious thing we have a period of silence and devotion a little of our time, to say thanks for all that is offered to us, we can't control time but also without us the witnesses time doesn't exist.


Haseena Kakar

A religiously liberal, Pakistani lady who believes in giving back to society. Her positive aura and lively demeanor attract people around her. She has been working on a leadership role as a Human Resources personnel in her professional sphere in multi-national companies. Ms. Haseena is a dedicated social activist, an environmentalist, a humanitarian, an adventurous sportswoman & adrenaline enthusiast. Haseena is also an anchor. person, having hosted several international events on a national scale. She has received advanced psychosocial support and emergency response training from Internationally renowned organizations and has learned the art of utilizing negative emotions in productive ways.

Haseena's speech: The Heath Diary - The Art & Science of dealing with trauma

Enchanting the slogan of a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, today's talk is about achieving the real serenity inside. Our body keeps a score of what it goes through over a period of time, however, it also holds the key to healing from all the trauma and emotional distress. Healing is a gift that you and I need to give our bodies by practicing it lifelong as the energy of the trauma is stored in our bodies' tissues until it can be released. This stored trauma typically leads to pain and progressively erodes a body's health. On the other end of the spectrum, our bodies rely upon emotions as a vehicle to find balance after trauma. Depending on how you’ve been affected, trauma may cause difficulties in your daily life and hinders your potential. Let's together unleash our optimum strength by learning how to start the process of healing and ignite our unique SPARK.


Samar Balawan

Samar Pahlawan is a social media marketing professional she is the owner of a company that helps entrepreneurs to boost their businesses and attract audiences through social media platforms. Previously, she was addicted to developing herself by enhancing her level of spirituality which guided her to be a life and healing coach. She graduated with a master's degree in human resources management. addicted to giving speeches through platforms, because always she has something to say.

Samar's speech :


Abraham Mc Carthy :

What truly makes an entrepreneur and leader. I have achieved academic, clinical and business success. I help people to plant the seeds to grow into their own versions of themselves they want to be.

Abraham's speech: How to stay positive in a time of global change

In the last couple of years, many people have lost their path in life and the ability to enjoy the little things every day. Looking at the dark side of the pandemic, lockdown, wars, and the infringement of human rights, it is hard to remain positive toward this world. However, while experiencing all these events, we should not forget about our own psychological state. Let's look for our "beam of light in the dark kingdom"!

22 Aralık 2022 Perşembe 18:30

22 Aralık 2022 Perşembe 18:30

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