11 Haziran 2022 - Cumartesi

16 Roof Series

16 Roof Series

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16 Roof Series events is a calture about electronic dance music in a wonderfull Location on the 16th floor of the Goldcity Hotel (top 50 hotels) Alanya. 16 Roof Series is going on its start season in 2022,in memorie of boiler roof series and it continues to be one of the best spots in the city for casual drinks, live entertainment,  and impeccable views of Alanya's cityscape.

Electronic/dance music - Sound by Hamed (Dubai DJ Academy ) & ( SAE university team on decks ) 

bpms : 103 - 124 bpm 

dj live performing shows

11 Haziran 2022 Cumartesi 19:00

11 Haziran 2022 Cumartesi 23:55

Goldcity Hotel, Kargicak, Alanya, Alanya, Antalya

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