28 Nisan 2022 - Perşembe

Hyper-International Standup Comedy Night!

İstanbul, Kadıköy
Hyper-International Standup Comedy Night!

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Treat yourself to a night of guaranteed fantasticness as you bring your fine self to a comedy event of 6 incredibly international standups!

hosted by Deniz B. Turan, hailing from the US with his chaos-dipped humor and nuclear stage presence, we have:

Matthieu Boumal, the Belgian comedian/writer as seen on the Daily Mash and Le Gorafi, who will be blessing the venue with a rare appearance,

Denis Chuzhoy, one of Russia's popular entertainers with instantly-noticeable talent that evidently slaps in English as well,

Yahya Darboe, the African comedian bringing his brand new English 10 minutes of dear lord knows what,

Berkin Kırbıyık, the Turkish up and comer also known as "the kid with the hand who was funny as f what was his name",

and Dan Spinks, the British prince of puns and high duke of bilingual wordplay who gets a laughter of pun-haters and language nerds alike,

likely followed by short cream-of-the-crop sets by even a few more international comics who just might be there to enjoy their colleagues on this special day -


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Yahya Darboe Dan Spinks Deniz B. Turan Matthieu Bomal Denis Chuzhoy Istanbul Comedy Cult

28 Nisan 2022 Perşembe 20:30

28 Nisan 2022 Perşembe 23:00

Tabu Mekan, 26-28 Halitağa Caddesi, Şadırvan Apt, 1.Kat Daire 2, Kadıköy, İstanbul

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Istanbul Comedy Cult
Istanbul Comedy Cult

Led by International standup comedians of Turkish origin, and loved and talked about far and wide by expats, tourists, exchange students (and the cooler Turks) who have had memorable amounts of fun, the Istanbul Comedy Cult organizes English standup comedy events in Turkey.