20 Ocak 2022 - Perşembe

Istanbul Comedy Cult Presents: Infiniti English Comedy Night

Istanbul Comedy Cult Presents: Infiniti English Comedy Night

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For the first show of the year by the cult, we have brought comedic gems and rarities from across the lands! This time,

Presented by our MC Steven Skilling, the mad Scotsman with a decade in comedy who made it to the final round of every major comedy competition in the UK, we have:

Leeor Brooks, on a show in Turkey for the very first time, bringing you his humor that has been cracking up Germany for a while now,

Dan Spinks, the lord of puns and high duke of wordplay whose work manages to get a laugh out of pun-haters and language nerds alike,

Hakan Çeroğlu, an experienced comedian in Turkish who's rarely ever seen on an English show (despite having Such good material) posing as the cult's "new talent" this time,

and Deniz B. Turan, hailing from both coasts of the US, a comedy nomad and a sought-after showcloser who will do what he does best,

so get your tickets now to enjoy a top notch night of comedy and appropriately priced drinks as always!

Infiniti Sahne, Showtime 20:30

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Leeor Brooks Steven Skilling Deniz B. Turan Dan Spinks Istanbul Comedy Cult

20 Ocak 2022 Perşembe 20:30

20 Ocak 2022 Perşembe 22:30

Infiniti Sahne, Kumbaracı Yokuşu Sokak No 57, Beyoğlu, İstanbul

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Istanbul Comedy Cult
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Led by International standup comedians of Turkish origin, and loved and talked about far and wide by expats, tourists, exchange students (and the cooler Turks) who have had memorable amounts of fun, the Istanbul Comedy Cult organizes English standup comedy events in Turkey.