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Mindful English learning

Mindful English learning

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For many of us English is a struggle that continues for many years creating barriers for traveling, socializing, education and career growth. It makes English an overly important goal, an unachievable dream, a stumbling block that holds us back from our best possible selves.

Thanks to mindfulness and mindset coaching we can place English where it belongs - English is simply a tool for achieving our goals, not more than that. 

English learners face a lot of fears, negative thinking patterns and self-criticism which hinders the learning process.

How emotional intelligence, self-compassion and mindfulness can help you learn English and get re-connected to yourself.

Prepare your questions for our interactive QA coaching session.

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I am an English language and mindfulness coach. I help professionals improve English through mindset coaching, build language confidence through personal coaching, apply mindfulness principles in learning and using English in professional life.