13 August 2022 - Saturday

English Stand-up Comedy Open Mic

English Stand-up Comedy Open Mic

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"English Stand-up Comedy Open Mic"
Standup Turkey welcomes comedians from all levels to an open mic night at Infiniti Sahne, every Saturday at 5PM. Show up, sign up, and perform! Each comic gets 10 minutes of stage time. If you don't want to perform, that's alright too, we have lovely drinks ready for you to enjoy the show with.
"English Stand-up Comedy Open Mic"
İngilizce standup komedi ekibi Standup Turkey, İngilizce stand-up açık mikrofon geceleriyle her Cumartesi 17:00'de İnfiniti Sahne'de! Biletini al, ismini yazdır, sahne senin! Gösteride yerli ve yabancı komedyenler (ve komedyen adayları) taze şakalarıyla bir sahnede buluşuyor. İster seyirci ol, ister sahneye çık!

13 August 2022 Saturday 17:00

13 August 2022 Saturday 19:00

Infiniti Sahne, Kumbaracı Yokuşu Sokak No 57, Beyoğlu, İstanbul

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