21 March 2021 - Sunday

Great Work III - 2021 Inspiration to Manifestation

Great Work III - 2021 Inspiration to Manifestation

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2021 Goal Manifestation w/Tony Rodrigues - 90 min Workshop (English)

This live online workshop is the first last one of 3 series of "2021 Great Work Year" workshops offered by a collaboration of PowerCoaching.Us international trainers and USA LSP University. 

This three-part Zoom Interactive Workshop series designed to help you manifest a better life, a better world, and your best possible year. Learn how to integrate coaching concepts, meditations, and tools as you redefine the impact of your past, find inspiration in every moment, and envision your imprint on the future.

Discover what you want in life and business, determine your purpose, define your goals, create a plan of action, and mitigate any challenges you may experience.

2021 Goal Manifestation w/Tony Rodrigues 90 min Workshop

About the Facilitator:

Tony has Invested and been involved in Personal Development and High Performance for over 18 years. He first started this work to learn, grow, and improve in all aspects of his own life and now helps others do the same. As a Trainer for Tony Robbins, Tony has helped many people experience transformations in all aspects of their lives, emotional, personal, business, relationships, and health. Now as a High-Performance Coach, Tony can help you grow into the best, highest version of yourself.

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Here's Tony Rodrigues...

At the young age of 6, he immigrated from Portugal to the U.S. He faced many difficult situations growing up. Besides the obvious language barrier, Tony was brought up in a very difficult & abusive household; he had very little freedom or opportunities growing up. With all of these challenges compiled, Tony became very shy, often coming across as an introvert. Feeling overwhelmed, He struggled with the desire to fit in. At one point in his teens, he faced depression and thoughts of suicide.

All this changed on his 18th Birthday when he experienced a life-altering out of body experience after having a massive car accident. He soon realized and appreciated his gift, with his new God-given gift of a “new life.” Tony decided shortly thereafter, that he was going to experience everything that life had to offer as he nearly died without having lived, if he were going to die tomorrow, he would live today. Being afraid of heights, translated into Skydiving. Being afraid of deep water/non-swimmer, translated into scuba diving, etc. Life is to be experienced, savored, lived, not just survived.

Tony has always been entrepreneurial and started in the real estate industry straight out of high school and has negotiated over 1000 transactions in his career. Over the last 29 years, he has successfully started, owned and run several businesses such as a Real Estate Brokerage, Construction/Development Company, Real Estate Investments Co, Sports Bar/ Restaurant, Horse Farm/Equestrian Center, Strategy/Coaching Company and others.

Tony has had many successes and “failures” as well. Tony believes that “failure” is an Essential part of Success, when you “fail” you learn and you only ever truly fail if you quit, You either win or you learn. In all areas of your life, it’s not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get up that determines your success. Every Time we fall, we have an opportunity to #GetUpNGrow


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21 March 2021 Sunday 14:30

21 March 2021 Sunday 16:00

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