11 May 2020 - Monday

Yoga Class: 8 aspects of happiness

Yoga Class: 8 aspects of happiness

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The Circle Yoga Class

Connectivity, Joy, Care, Love, Trust, Meanings, Ideals, Timing

Tatiana Krillova
Yoga Instructor


Tatiana Krillova’s approach to yoga engages physical, mental and spiritual work integrating it in to a holistic practice. Our experience is not what happens to us but what we make out of what we have. To live a profoundly satisfactory and happy life is in our hands at any time, no matter what the conditions are, whether we are up or down at the present moment.

This course will gently lead you to discover the best parts of your life and yourself and find increasingly inspiring perspectives for your own personal growth. The training gives immediate guidance through yoga practice and focusses on creating joy, confidence, curiosity, love, trust.


Each of the 8 themes which are engaged through the course considers 4 dimensions:

Body - You will open the potential of your body for self-healing and balancing, for creating your best performance, and to achieve a physically enjoyable life.

Mind and vision – You will develop a calm, focused, joyful mind exuding self-confidence and serenity while increasing inspiration, creativity and a sense of profound satisfaction and self-fulfilment.

Relationships – You will be able to build gratifying relationships, enjoy your sense of Self, and become increasingly comfortable with others through a discovery of the pleasure of the Self. You will build a regenerative relationship with the Self and control more and more the way you want others to relate you. Relationships will increasingly become a wellspring of inspiration and a positive energy source.

Productiveness – You will be able to build the necessary structures within you to produce more positive outcomes and learn to use your time more productively, understanding how to transform your experiences in to diverse and unimagined sources of inspiration, deriving in time a sense of increase in your creativity and productivity.

All yoga lessons consist of a series of carefully selected practices beginning with pranayama (breathing) techniques, short mindfulness meditations, hatha yoga asanas (poses) to release body blocks, open energy centres, and relieving chronic stress while empowering the body’s physical potential. There will also be kundalini yoga elements to vitalise change with each practice drawing fresh energy which you will begin to feel right away, ending each time with a guided shavasana deep relaxation practice which will leave you energised and relaxed every time.


Just 1 Lesson: 35 TL 

2 weeks - 4 Lessons: 130 TL 

8 weeks - 8 Lessons: 250 TL

8 weeks - 16 Lessons: 500 TL 



11 May 2020 Monday 18:30

05 June 2020 Friday 20:00

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