12 March 2019 - Tuesday

Spinon Innovation Execution Workshop

Spinon Innovation Execution Workshop

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Innovation Execution Workshop facilitated by Spinon will take place in Ankara on March 12, 2018, Tuesday.

With this event, you will have a opportunity to have a peek on new technology trends with design & business model perspective, brainstorm and more importantly be able to take part in fast track hands-on design driven innovation roadmap development workshop.

At this event, you will get to explore integration pathways of new technologies for companies and organizations through stimulating design sprint steps. Each sprint step revolves within a certain concept and is complementary to one another:

  1. Problem Sprint

    • Discover problems in your industry or company

    • Prioritize these problems

  2. Solution Sprint

    • Exploring solutions

    • Bring together elements of design, business and technology

    • Reach the problem-solution fit

  3. Roadmap Sprint

    • Design your MVP

    • Complete your ınnovation Roadmap

Participation will be in teams of minimum two people per company/organization.

Hope to see you at the event!

12 March 2019 Tuesday 09:30

CoZone, ODTÜ TEKNOKENT Bilişim İnovasyon Merkezi, Çankaya, Ankara

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Spinon is an independent design and innovation lab that designs and implements design driven corporate-specific innovation programs. Spinon develops programs designed to assist organizations in scouting and validation of innovation efforts.