02 December 2016 - Friday

Runaway w/ SHDW & Obscure Shape & Alex.Do

İstanbul, Beyoğlu
Runaway w/ SHDW & Obscure Shape & Alex.Do

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Runaway w/ SHDW & Obscure Shape & Alex.Do @ indigo

Nighttime is a runaway, running away from the preoccupations and the endless obligations of the daytime.

Night is free and ever young.

Night is seductive.

And inclusive.


And as the night falls, all our favorite sounds come to play.


On December 2, it is SHDW & Obscure Shape from From Another Mind, joined by Alex.Do from Dystopian.


Running away from everyday sounds,

Running away from the mundane,

Join the break at indigo.


Night is calling you.

Do your part.


SHDW & Obscure Shape:


The techno wheels started turning when Marco Bläsi and Luigi Urban, two composed lads from Stuttgart, kicked off their eclectic party series From Another Mind back in 2014; and from then on, it didn’t took long for the concept to turn into a nonconformist imprint of the duo, better known as SHDW & Obscure Shape behind the decks and in the studio (which they share).


The self-defined “brothers” have already released 3 shared EPs from the label, and have a busy schedule ahead, filled with new releases and exciting reworks.


The worldwide support they keep getting with their atmospheric and hypnotic techno certifies that these boys worth keeping an eye on; and that’s exactly why we are proud to be the first ones to present them here in Istanbul.


So keep your ears and eyes open and join the break at indigo on December 2.



It’s been declared by the underground’s ultimate opinion leader Boiler Room that Dystopian is “the future of Berlin techno”; and as the gang’s youngest core member, Alex.Do certainly needs to fulfill a substantial duty in the cause.


Luckily, he has proven himself to be more than enough.


Described by his mentor and closest colleague, who just happens to be one of the main actors in  today’s techno circuit, Rødhåd as a “melancholic guy”, Alex.Do’s distinctively versatile sets prove there’s more to him than that. Comprising of carefully curated techno, dub and house tracks that may date way back to when he wasn’t even born yet, or solid promotional stuff that is yet to be released, those sets have something from every genre and season that is worthy of note. That’s probably why they are also usually deliberately long, which just adds to the experience.


Spare some hours of your night to discover Alex’s perfectly complex inner workings and join the break at indigo on December 2.  

02 December 2016 Friday 23:30

03 December 2016 Saturday 05:30

indigo, Akarsu Sok. No: 1-2-4-5, Beyoğlu, İstanbul

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Running Away from daytime's mundane to the night's freedom with our favorite sounds