21 October 2016 - Friday

Runaway w/ Shall Ocin & Thomas Schumacher

İzmir, Bornova
Runaway w/ Shall Ocin & Thomas Schumacher

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Runaway w/ Shall Ocin & Thomas Schumacher @ Container Hall

Nighttime is a runaway, running away from the preoccupations and the endless obligations of the daytime.

Night is free and ever young.

Night is seductive.

And inclusive.


And as the night falls, all our favorite sounds come to play.


On October 21, it is Shall Ocin from Ellum / Hotflush, joined by Thomas Schumacher from Electric Ballroom / Noir Music.


Running away from everyday sounds,

Running away from the mundane,

Join the break at Container Hall.


Night is calling you.

Do your part.


Shall Ocin:


After his initial releases from various UK and US based labels (and before going back to Brit way with his latest EP from Scuba’s Hotflush Recordinds), Shall Ocin found the closest spot to his Argentinian roots at Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio, under which he released several EPs and paved his way even further into international recognition.


As the 20th anniversary of his DJing career approaches, Ocin’s (aka. Paneoh) distortion-influenced yet solid sound has never been more mature and welcoming.


Respond to his invitation and join the break at Container Hall on October 21.


Thomas Schumacher:


Blame it on his East Berliner origin or his once-Warner’s-refractory-child reputation, Thomas Schumacher knows how to keep things uncompromising and still get what he wants at the end.


An effective power in the underground scene for more than 2 decades now, the self-taught DJ and producer is known mostly, but not solely, for his early-noughties almost-commercial stardom status, his collaboration with Stephan Bodzin under the Elektrochemie moniker which opened the doors of Get Physical for both and led everything that was to come, and of course his ability to stay ahead at the game regardless of what decade it is.


Accompany Schumacher through reliving his decades filled with success and join the break at Container Hall on October 21.

21 October 2016 Friday 23:30

22 October 2016 Saturday 05:30

Container Hall, Üniversite Caddesi No: 92 Bornova / İZMİR (Ağaçlı Yol - Sanayi Metro Durağı), 35040 İzmir, Turkey, Bornova, İzmir

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Running Away from daytime's mundane to the night's freedom with our favorite sounds